Sunday, 25 December 2011

2011 a year will last in my memory forever

2011 a year that will last in my memory forever, Yes I have elevated to the next level of my life "Got Married" :)

During the past whenever I dreamed about my marriage I was clear about one thing, that I will be the one to decide and design my wedding invitation. And I got this inspiration from my dad who always used to be customized in each and everything in his life, from a seasonal greeting card to Lily pond (our home). Like father like son!

I decide to make two cards which came out well after a week of iterations. Colleagues and friends appreciated the design and the most happiest person was my fiance (at that time). For the first time I'm impressing her with my creative work.

As the D-day was coming closer I was nervous day by day, With gods blessings everything came my way and entire process went out well. 

Year 2011 is special not only for my wedding, but also for my dad since he got divorced from his first wife and the family associated to her, yes he got retired by mid of 2011. He started his relaxed life and I have started my responsible life.

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  1. wow :) Activated our domain :) Gr8 and Congrats :D
    The post is tooo goood!!!