Friday, 22 March 2013

Opinion : Why I support TN students strike?

 My comment for a question in comment section of NDTV why you people support TN students strike?

(Apart from justice for Sri Lanka's war crimes and alleged genocide) Many times I felt that we are the worst generations, who brought up by teaching us to keep mum, tolerate, compromise, adjust and to live with it. If you raise your voice against the system you will be punished or have to face the consequences even though you were right. From School, college, workplace, service sector wherever you go you have to adapt and live with it. You can't question or tell them its wrong to your teacher or superior not even to a peon in Tahsildar office.

Govt and Media celebrates when people did their business as usual on next day of Mumbai terror attack. Is this a noble behavior? See how numb we are, sitting next to the corpse and having a full platter.

But this generation is not like us. They know their rights and they are brave enough to fight against the odds.

I am happy on seeing this uprising of students in Tamil Nadu. No political back up. No media coverage round the clock. No PRO agency, No corporate motives, No executives for planning and organizing. Just students they organize themselves, priorities demands, planning the next step and most importantly without any violence they fight for the right cause.

Trust me if you have any questions just ask any of the representative protesting here in Tamil Nadu, you will get an apt answer. First me too thought it was a child's play. but after hearing their interviews and conversations they are very much aware and known very well about what they are doing. Thank you.

P.S. - Its not published :(

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