Monday, 16 March 2009

From Doha, Qatar

Hmmmm....  I didn't expect this much time will took to publish my first entry of this year 2009.
What to do, recession hit me too. No salary hike for the past 1.5 yr, No job security, Salary reduction, No projects, That feel when I was assigned to a new role as Team Lead from Process Designer. shhhhhh oh my god.
Not able to decide what to do and how to do...
At last I had posted my resignation on Jan 19th and luckily relived from duty on that day itself... and now I am in Qatar, Thanks to my friend Srinivasan for the reference. New country, new job, new field, new experience, new peoples around me (except my friend Srinivasan)....
Started on 29th January by Srilankan Airways. (Trichy-Colombo-Doha )
Checked in by 7.00am at Trichy airport and board the flight by 8.45 and departure at 9.15 am.

Srilankan at Trichi Airport
Nice to see my country from sky... beautiful greeny landscape.... and spectacular blue sky above the clouds...
Above the cloud below the sky
Reached Colombo  by 10.02 am. Srilankan service are "OK"... not able to say fantastic or even as good.

Entering into Bandaranaike International Airport, Colombo.
You know when I was there in Colombo airport, I heard thunderous sounds frequently, soon I noticed many fighter jets headed towards the war zone (with LTTE)...
Inside Bandaranaike International Airport, Colombo.
Colombo airport is pretty good...the best thing I noticed is there are many number of Internet Kisoks are placed all around the airport to surf the internet free of cost... u can kill your waiting time for transit... The worst thing is there is no kiosks or place to have drinking water... after a long search I found one water cooler without a glass... then I find one shop at the very end corner of the airport to buy a water bottle of 0.5 liter for the cost of 50 Rupees (enna kodumai sir ithu...)
Its me on the mirror near the emigration check up 
The other thing I amused was, seeing the sign board showing the way to smokers room.
Smoker's Room sign board
When I went to see it.. I am not able to enter the room as there was heavy smoke filled the entire room... not able breath and difficult to see as eyes are burning... There is no provision for exhaust.
Killed my time for transit by browsing and roaming around the airport... (No shop for having food in a decent cost... My advice to take bread or biscuits with you.). Then board the flight Srilankan 337 on 6.00pm. but the flight took off by 7.00 pm due to confusion in passenger count. Hostess counted the heads three to four times and sorted it out. Don know what made them confused.

Welcome drink on board...Tamil film "Yaradi ne mogini on screen

Dinner at Sky!!!
Arrived Doha by 10.05 pm. emigration clearance went smoothly.

Emigration check up at Doha International Airport
(Hey why they are stamping on the page which comes first when they open the passport and not the next page of the previous stamping???!!!! Came out of the airport only after 11.00 pm (u have to wait for 20 to 30 minutes for ur baggage :-(

Sign board inside Doha international Airport
Time for collecting your baggage is more than emigration clearance!!!!

Signboard showing the way out from Doha Airport (The way IN for Qatar)
This is the way I came here and now busy with my new job... I ll try to post more on the coming days... Coz I have a own new lappy now :-)