Friday, 16 October 2009

My entry for PiT October contest

Soon after knowing this month contest topic "TOYS", I swear myself need to give a tough competition, did lot of googling about how to photograph toys, lighting techniques, setting backgrounds so on and on...

You know one thing I don’t have a camera except one in my mobile :)
Thanks to my friend srini who take me to many shops in his car, and waits with lot of patience while I’m surfing through the displays and enquiring about the features and specifications.

After a loooong search I zeroed in on Panasonic Lumix TZ6 and Velbon tripod (I ll tell you later why I choose it.)
Ok coming to the point... (I know you bored by the above :))
By the inspiration of photographs from here and here, I decided to photograph a toy in action, so I purchased a model like the same.
But the real problem came is lighting and background. Doesn’t have enough lit in my room. Also it’s not possible for me to shoot at day time. Since I tried to make a set in room with help of my friend Black T-shirt as background, Stones and grasses from nearby lawn.