Friday, 16 October 2009

My entry for PiT October contest

Soon after knowing this month contest topic "TOYS", I swear myself need to give a tough competition, did lot of googling about how to photograph toys, lighting techniques, setting backgrounds so on and on...

You know one thing I don’t have a camera except one in my mobile :)
Thanks to my friend srini who take me to many shops in his car, and waits with lot of patience while I’m surfing through the displays and enquiring about the features and specifications.

After a loooong search I zeroed in on Panasonic Lumix TZ6 and Velbon tripod (I ll tell you later why I choose it.)
Ok coming to the point... (I know you bored by the above :))
By the inspiration of photographs from here and here, I decided to photograph a toy in action, so I purchased a model like the same.
But the real problem came is lighting and background. Doesn’t have enough lit in my room. Also it’s not possible for me to shoot at day time. Since I tried to make a set in room with help of my friend Black T-shirt as background, Stones and grasses from nearby lawn.

I tried some shots, but not satisfy with the results, then made lighting with the help of two candles that too is not up to the mark.
While checking the shots in my laptop, a thought came, is that possible to use a scene in the laptop screen as background? Then I googled it and found some interesting tips and trick here. Then I browsed some desktop backgrounds, and found this site really helpful.
Then I placed some backgrounds and made some test shots, but I can’t win over reflections due to glossy laptop screen. So I placed my lappy below the cloth dryer and block all the lights by covering with bed sheet.
There comes another problem the subject is too dark. Since there is a definite need of extra lighting. Next day I bought a LED table lamp. I tried many shots but results are not good as I expected so dropped the idea. (But have to win over sometime later.)
Replaced the laptop arrangements with the previous set and but this time the set was placed direct under the light and surrounded by the bed sheet. It was quite good while seeing the subject was lit by top lighting. And when I tried to place the table lamp on left side accidently I notice the ray like light is coming in the frame. I like that ray and adjusted to make it noticeable. But it was so bright and the black t-shirt can be easily notified. So I take the lamp in hand and set the camera in 10sec auto shoot. Focused the light towards the subject from top right.
Whooo hooo.. I made it. But still something is missing or odd,
Is that vast empty space? Black background? Subject is not lit properly? Lighting is not bright enough? Levels should be adjusted? I don’t know what is missing, time is already 1.00am, next day (15th) is the last day and I was dried out completely. Next morning choose one of the best (of myself) add frame using Photoshop and posted to PiT.
Friends after sending I noticed that Last day for submitting the entry is 17th. :(
aha vada poche...
below are some of the Photos which are just OK...

(Note the reflection on the screen)

Have to try some post production... guys whats your comment...

Update: Submitted Entry

Result : Got special mention (நாங்களும் ரவுடி அவோம்ல...)


  1. Salute to your effort :)

    they are really good. I loved the entry sent to contest and the other one is you have mentioned about reflection in the screen.. wow... wonderful

  2. :) great effort!

    very inspiring.!

  3. Gr8 Effort Sir !

    The Pics are nice ! Keep Rocking !

  4. Thanks PiT, Survesan and Nathas, Thanks for your comments, its very much encouraging..

  5. பின்னி பெடலெடுத்து இருக்கீங்க. முயற்சிக்கு வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

  6. That's a great work. Is this what you call dedication ; greatly inspiring for me to get into indoor photography.

  7. Wow...really a great effort picture...I wish you should get the recognition atleast for teh ahrd work you put in...good luck

  8. I can see the real hard work here.
    if you continue the same effort, you would become a good photographer.

    All the best.

    Ramachandran M

  9. wow nice techniques here. thanks for sharing will help me in trying some ,especially the one with backgrounds of laptop display. I can see a tough competitor for the all good photographers in pit:). happy clicking.